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Metallica anthem Enter Sandman turned into folk song

scene from shel video
SHEL cover Metallica

Metallica anthem Enter Sandman has been turned into a folk song by a band consisting of four sisters, who say they’re impressed by its “poetry.”

Colorado outfit SHEL have released a video for their take on the 25-year-old track, which first appeared on the thrash icons’ 1991 Black Album. It went platinum when released as a single and remains a main feature of their live set to this day, having notched up nearly 1200 performances by James Hetfield and co.

SHEL singer Eva Holbrook says: “When recording Enter Sandman, I said a prayer to the gods of rock that I wouldn’t be struck dead, or mysteriously electrocuted, for whispering the lyrics to a Metallica song.

“I’ve survived to say that I’m truly blown away by the poetry of the song.”

The cover version will appear on Shel’s second album, Just Crazy Enough, out next month. Meanwhile, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has reported that they’re nearing completion of their long-awaited 10th record.