Megadeth in Youthanasia set scramble


Dave Mustaine has described Megadeth’s frantic scramble to add as many songs from their Youthanasia album to their current touring set – after assistants had led fans to believe they’d be hearing the record in full in South America.

The announcement took the band by surprise because they weren’t planning any anniversary activity until October, to match the month of its original release.

Mustaine reveals he dismissed the people who spread the news, but the band tried to do what they could to give ticket-buyers what they thought they were going to get.

The mainman explains: “The rumour is a dreadful situation. As soon as I found out the tour was presented to you as the 20th anniversary of Youthanasia, we parted ways with the persons responsible.

“I know that doesn’t help. You have been told one thing and we are telling you another. But Megadeth are going to make this right.

“We chose four songs to play for you until the real anniversary comes after October 31. Besides having to get everyone in the same place, we also had to develop the live production and the video content.”

Megadeth managed to add three tracks to their set, and Mustaine vowed to deliver as much of the album as possible for those who believed they’d be hearing the full work.

He says: “Please don’t take this out on the promoters. We have explained and they have been very understanding, although we are all disappointed this rumour even started.”