Mastodon rejected Vman's roadie bid...


Allessando ‘Vman’ Venturella – reputed to be Slipknot’s bassist – says being ignored by Mastodon, has favourite band, didn’t put him off wanting to be a guitar tech.

Before playing guitar in Krokodil and being unofficially revealed as a member of Slipknot, he worked as a member of Mastodon’s road crew, after stints with Fightstar and Coheed And Cambria.

But he’d been given the job years after first asking – and being ignored.

He tells Music Radar: “It’s pretty amazing. About seven years ago I sent a message to them on MySpace, saying, ‘Hey, I’m a guitar tech, I’d love to come and work for you. You’re my favourite band.’ I didn’t hear back or anything.

“Lo and behold, years later I was on the tour bus one day and went through my old messages and found it. It made them chuckle.

Now Vman is good friends with Mastodon, and Krokodil toured the UK with them last year. He reflects: “If you put your mind to it, you can eventually work for your favourite band.”