Mastodon gave Lars a pocket rocket


Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher handled his first meeting with Metallica in unique style – by sliding his penis into Lars Ulrich’s pocket.

The guitarist was excited to meet the metal giants, but rather than go all fanboy on Metallica, he showed his appreciation in a way that his bandmates will never forget.

Mastodon singer/bassist Troy Sanders tells Artist Direct: “It was a European festival. All I can remember is we were so excited, our guitar player Bill walked over to Lars Ulrich, whipped his dick out and put in Lars’ pocket.”

It seems Kelliher’s graphic greeting didn’t sour the relationship between the bands, as they have toured together and remain good friends.

Sanders adds: “I can’t believe we’ve done so many tours with them since. In the following years, we played Wembley Stadium in London in front of a hundred thousand people with them. I just remember being so happy.

“Metallica is a giant reason why I picked up the bass and why I’m where I’m at today. This summer we get to play another string of dates with them. It’s just Mastodon and Metallica across Russia for a couple of shows. If you flashback and told 13-year-old Troy this information, my head would’ve exploded.”

Mastodon’s latest album Once More ‘Round The Sun was released last year.