Martin Barre recalls Spinal Tap moment with Jethro Tull

Former Jethro Tull member Martin Barre has recalled his most Spinal Tap moment.

The guitarist was speaking with Music Radar when he was asked to reveal an amusing story from life on the road.

Barre replies: “I think the best Spinal Tap moment in Tull was when we used to dress up in animal suits and have four-hour shows. 

“It wasn’t me, thank goodness, but there was a person who wore a hare suit. He kept the head of it backstage and it was such a long show he used to pee into an empty lager can. 

“Anyway, he was fumbling backstage to get his head, and knocked the can of pee into it unknowingly. He then put the head on and had to play the rest of the show. That’s Spinal Tap, isn’t it?”

Barre also reveals that his favourite live album is Live Cream as it made such an impact on him.

The guitarist adds: “It was an amazing album anyway and I think it was in an era when – if I can be cynical here – ‘live’ albums were actually live and not repaired. 

“It was totally genuine but it just held all that vitality. It just came out of the speakers, such a powerful sound, just incredible.”

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Barre released his latest album Roads Less Travelled back in August last year via Garage Records and will celebrate 50 years of Jethro Tull on the road across the US later this year.

He’ll take to the stage with original Tull drummer Clive Bunker, long-time bassist Jonathan Noyce and keyboardist Dee Palmer.

Ahead of those dates, the Martin Barre Band have several shows planned across the UK.

Barre is also working on a double album to celebrate Tull’s 50th anniversary, which is scheduled to be released in conjunction with the US tour. Details will follow in due course.