Lynch bewildered by erratic singers


Lynch Mob mainman George Lynch says he has given up trying to understand the needs of singers.

The band recently reunited with off-again, on-again frontman Oni Logan after a bout of what Lynch describes as lead singer’s disease (LSD).

And after years of frustrations in regards to vocalists, Lynch says he’s happy to work with whoever is interested, without trying to analyse them.

Lynch tells The Classic Metal Show: “Lead singers – go figure. I don’t know. I’m kind of done trying to figure it out, psychoanalyse the LSD syndrome.

“I’ve loved Oni’s voice and I’ve loved his lyrics and I love things about him, things that he does, but again, I’ve been frustrated my whole life with singers in general. And I just got to the point now where I just kind of let it go.

“I’m not trying to control the universe. I just do what I do. If people wanna work with me, they work with me. If not, I try to do the right thing. I treat everybody fairly.

“So Oni’s back. Right now everything is wonderful. We’re in our honeymoon period. It’s kind of like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton – we just keep getting married over and over again. We get divorced so we can get married again.”

Lynch Mob released new album Sun Red Sun this week and the guitarists says a follow-up is due next year.

He adds: “We’re actually working on another record for next year, for Frontiers Records, a spring release. The album is coming out fantastic.”

Meanwhile, Lynch’s side-project with Stryper frontman Michael Sweet recently announced details of their debut album. Sweet & Lynch’s Only To Rise will launch on January 27 via Frontiers Music.