Louder Than Life, Aftershock and Inkcarceration festivals introduce vaccine requirements

A crowd gathered at the railing at a festival
(Image credit: Kev Nixon)

US festivals Louder Than Life, Aftershock and Inkcarceration have announced plans to introduce vaccine requirements – or proof of a negative Covid test – for anyone hoping to gain entry to the events this autumn.

The festivals, which are all run by the Danny Wimmer Presents, issued a statement written by founder Danny Wimmer which said: "We are at an unprecedented crossroads with uncertainty about whether or not our festivals will happen this Fall. 

"It is not my nature to idly sit back and let others decide our fate. Instead, I am going to do everything in my power to ensure that our festivals happen, even if that means enacting policies that some people may not agree with. But before you react negatively to our policy, please consider this. What I see is that the fans feel the world needs music festivals now more than ever. We need to bring people back together to heal from the past 18 months. We need to get the people and artists whose livelihoods depend on live events back to work. 

"I am confident that these requirements are what is needed to guarantee that we have fun and safe festivals this Fall."

Elsewhere, global live events promoter AEG has announced plans to bar entry to anyone who can't show proof of vaccination to any clubs, theatres, or festivals owned or operated by AEG. The policy will come into effect nationwide in the US no later than October 1.

Jay Marciano – COO of AEG and chairman and CEO, AEG Presents – says: "We have come to the conclusion that, as a market leader, it was up to us to take a real stand on vaccination status. 

"Just a few weeks ago, we were optimistic about where our business, and country, were heading. The delta variant, combined with vaccine hesitancy, is pushing us in the wrong direction again. We realise that some people might look at this as a dramatic step, but it's the right one. 

"We also are aware that there might be some initial pushback, but I'm confident and hopeful that, at the end of the day, we will be on the right side of history and doing what's best for artists, fans, and live event workers."

Briony Edwards

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