'Lots of people' stood in way of We Are Harlot


We Are Harlot singer Danny Worsnop says there were a “lot of people” against the band forming.

The Asking Alexandria frontman is also the main man in the new supergroup – which includes Sebastian Bach’s former guitarist Jeff George, Silvertide bassist Brian Weaver and drummer Bruno Agra.

Worsnop and George tell Midwest Music Scene that years of legal back-and-forths were necessary before the band could finally start recording.

Worsnop says: “There were a lot of people that didn’t want this to happen.”

George adds: “We’re all from different bands and me and Danny started talking. He was a little disgruntled with what was going on with him and I was, with me, as well. So we were like let’s send a couple of tunes back and forth. Three days later we moved in with each other and wrote a hundred tunes.

“Then we had to deal with all the lawyers and labels to try to get us together – that’s where the two-and-a-half years comes into play.

“It all comes down to money. It’s not easy and it’s horrible for the fans who think it should all be so easy.”

As reported by TeamRock, We Are Harlot will release their debut album later this year on Roadrunner Records.

The band hope to eventually go by the name Harlot, but are known as We Are Harlot in the meantime while copyright and legal issues are ironed out.

In the rest of the video interview, the band reveal how they met and discuss their musical heroes