This new quiz makes you guess the popularity of various metal songs

Metal Strattogories
(Image credit: Gavin Evans)

In 2015, Gareth Evans invented the game Stattogories, an online higher/lower style quiz that tasks players with choosing between two categories. His current selection offers a wide variety of topics, including Christmas, Google, IMDb, Spotify, YouTube, Pokemon, Video Games and more.

To get to grips with how it works exactly, in the Christmas category ('tis the season and all), players must decide between the two options provided, such as 'The Muppets Christmas Carol' or 'Christmas Underwear', and pick which item that they believe gets Googled the most.

One theme that Evans was missing however is a metal category. While he does already have a Spotify option, where listeners must try to guess which song has the highest monthly listeners or total plays, it features a jumble of genres, rather than solely heavy music. 

Now, for example, fans can try to work out whether Iron Maiden's Run To The Hills or Metallica's Whisky In The Jar is more popular. The answer? The San Francisco heavyweight's cover, with a whopping 312,989,407 listens, as opposed to Maiden's 1982 anthem, with 279, 354,022 spins.

If you guess the wrong answer however, you lose and the game closes down. 

"The way people consume music has changed so much during my lifetime with Spotify being the way that most people enjoy listening to music these days," says Evans.

"I wanted to make something fun out the songs' stats in the platform as a way of entertaining people about peoples listening habits and surprise people about certain song's popularity."

"The Spotify game mode is one of the most popular game modes on Stattogories and I have created the new Metal category mainly so my father-in-law has a game mode he can enjoy. I'm looking forward to hearing the highest score he and the entire metal music community can score."

Check out metal Stattogories now.

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