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Lombardo grew out of Slayer’s shock tactics

Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo says he grew out of the band’s violent imagery that helped draw attention to them early in their career.

And the Philm sticksman says he’s happy to have been able to branch out and show another side to his musicianship since being fired from the group in 2013.

He tells the Belfast Telegraph: “When you’re a kid and you’re rebellious you want to shock people – and that’s basically what we did. I don’t feel that way now. I feel there are other ways to gain attention through music – by musicianship.

“At the time we had all these religious fanatics that were pointing at rock bands, saying that if you run the record backwards it says whatever about Satan. Come on, really? Who has the time to play a record backwards?”

He continues: “It is the imagery of the band and that’s what you continue – you find your niche and you go with it. Some people like to create music in that vein all the time, but I like to branch out and do other things as well.”

Lombardo has been linked with Megadeth since drummer Shawn Drover quit last year – but last week he insisted he had no interest in being a “hired gun” for the thrash giants.

Philm released their second album Fire From The Evening Sun last year.