Live Aid invite might have saved Lynott, says author


The author of a new Thin Lizzy book says that Phil Lynott’s life might have got back on track had he been invited to play at Live Aid in 1985.

Alan Byrne reveals in his book Are You Ready? Thin Lizzy: Album By Album – out now via Soundcheck Books – that Lynott was backstage at Wembley on the day that Queen, The Who and U2 performed for thousands in the stadium and millions watching on television around the world.

Lynott flew back to Dublin the same day and gave an interview to local TV station RTE, in which he admitted he was “jealous” that he wasn’t involved. He died six months later at the age of 36, after years of drug and alcohol abuse.

Byrne tells the Irish Sun: “Like The Who, Thin Lizzy could have reformed for Live Aid. It would have shown Phil he still had fans and Thin Lizzy still had an audience. It could have changed everything for Phil.”

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