The one thing missing from the new Barbie movie soundtrack is this Barbie Girl x Slipknot mash-up that everyone needs to listen to immediately

Corey Taylor and Aqua
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While The Internet continues to chuckle over the bizarre memes of Barbenheimer, the viral trend sparked by the matching release days of box office blockbusters Barbie and Oppenheimer, a new mash-up has risen over on TikTok that has us giggling all the more.

Introducing Psychosocial Girl: a mash-up between Slipknot's 2008 rager Psychosocial and Aqua's 1997 bubblegum pop classic Barbie Girl. 

Just like Barbieheimer in its union of two starkly different forces, the furious bellows of Corey Taylor matched against the tropical electro-pop jangles of the Barbie banger makes for quite the amusing crossover, but in this case, it seems to blend remarkably well.

Although it appears that the web has been posting Barbie x Slipknot covers for some time, no such mash-up has worked quite as well as this one posted by @thecrimsonentry, who has even made the track available to download. 

Comments underneath the audio - which has been used in a variety of other TikTok videos - include: "Further confirmation that Slipknot is girly pop?", "When my two personalities collide", "corey taylor would FULLY admit its girlypop we all know it", and more. 

While the mash-up would obviously make a brilliant addition to the Barbie soundtrack, the film thankfully already has a dose of rock and metal goodness in the form of Slash and Wolfgang Van Halen serving up their guitar talents on the track I'm Just Ken, an 80s-style ballad performed by co-star Ryan Gosling.

Check out the mash-up below. Barbie and Oppenheimer both release in UK cinemas this Friday, July 21. Sadly, Slipknot appears on neither soundtrack.


♬ Psychosocial Girl - ✨ h e a t h ✨

♬ Psychosocial Girl - ✨ h e a t h ✨

♬ Psychosocial Girl - ✨ h e a t h ✨
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