Listen to Periphery and not to me says drummer Halpern

Periphery drummer Matt Halpern wants people to listen to his band’s music rather than focus on his own work, at least at first.

He says that’s the way he listens to music he enjoys, whether it’s Slipknot, Extreme or the Dave Matthews Band.

Halpern tells MusicRadar: “I’m a song guy – whenever I put on a record I want to like the whole thing. The band, the songs, the vibe. Then I’ll be more analytical and focus on the playing.

“I hope people are the same way with Periphery, liking us for the whole experience and not just certain elements.”

The band are currently touring in support of twin releases Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega – and they’ve refused to provide too much detail on the plot lines, because they want people to explore the work for themselves.

Halpern says: “One of the upsides to being on the go so much – you have big blocks of time to listen to music. I have a huge catalog of music on my phone and laptop. I can either hit ‘shuffle’ and listen to a bunch of things, or I can just lose myself in one record from beginning to end.

“I’m never at a loss for things to listen to.”

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