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Kravitz looks to ‘Brian Wilson phase’

Lenny Kravitz believes he’s on the verge of entering a “Brian Wilson phase” – and it’ll take form when he learns to surf in the near future.

He’s been inspired by life at his second home in the Bahamas to look for a new musical direction.

Kravitz tells Rolling Stone: “Last night my sax player caught a 15-pound snapper that we just threw on the grill. That’s the quality of living here – pick vegetables out of the garden and fish out of the sea.

“My big decision is, which beach are we going to hang out on? When we get to the water am I going to paddleboard or swim?”

He admits he’s a beginner when it comes to surfing, and that he’s not a strong swimmer. But he adds: “I made a plan a month ago – surfing is going to change my music. It’s going to offer me something I don’t have that I need to move towards.”

Kravitz, who’s been listening to the Beach Boys a lot recently, continues: “A Brian Wilson phase wouldn’t be bad.”

He remains glad that he followed his grandfather’s advice to remain authentic and follow his instincts, leading him to reject several approached from record companies when he was staring out.

“I said no to about three major deals,” he recalls. “One of them was to join a group of other African American guys. It might have lasted a record or two – and it would have been over.”

Kravitz released 10th album Strut in September.

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