Last In Line: Starmaker is a 'middle finger' to manipulative people

Andrew Freeman

Last In Line singer Andrew Freeman says their track Starmaker was written as a “middle finger” to manipulative people.

He also hints that the song slams people who exploit others, break promises and still expect favours in return.

Freeman says: “Starmaker came from one of those riff-laden jam sessions we had making this record. For me it’s about heart, loyalty and strength.

“It’s a very sarcastic response to somebody who likes to manipulate situations, who promises you the world and doesn’t deliver, who expects you to jump through hoops and repay them for the things that they did. The chorus is a sarcastic response to those type of people.

“It’s a middle finger in the air to those who want to attach themselves to you when you’re doing well in your life and mysteriously disappear when you’re not doing well.”

The Dio offshoot’s debut Heavy Crown was released in February, just weeks after bassist Jimmy Bain died of lung cancer.

They’ll appear at Vamp’d in Las Vegas on April 14, Frontiers Rock Festival in Italy on April 23 and Rocklahoma in Oklahoma on May 27.