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Lamb Of God could drop the heavy

Randy Blythe believes Lamb Of God will eventually move away from heavy music – but that’s no reason for them to split up.

The 44-year-old insists it’s not possible for them to match bands like the Rolling Stones by playing the same kind of music into their 70s.

Blythe tells Revolver: “I’m not going to be doing this when I’m fucking 60 – no fucking way. We’re not the Stones.”

He adds: “I’m always going to be doing music, but not something quite so aggressive, I’m sure.”

And those future projects could easily include his current colleagues. “I don’t think Lamb Of God ever has to break up,” he says. “I think we can, like, gracefully move out to pasture.”

The band released VII: Sturm Und Drang in July. They’re about to tour South America and return to the UK in November with Megadeth.