Label unearth rarities for Cosmic American Music


Record label Numero Group has unearthed a collection of rare and obscure rock, country and soul tracks for an upcoming release

The 19 songs will feature on Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music, set for release on March 18.

The compilation contains songs recorded between 1968 and 1980 from albums that were released on small labels including Sugarbush and Hobbit – most of which sold poorly at launch. Hear a four-track preview below.

Artists on the compilation include Californian singer-songwriter FJ McMahon, who says the distribution process of records and their sales figures came as a shock to him.

He reports: “My concept of albums and musicians was, you came out with an album and went on TV and you had some money and you lived off it and you made another album.

“I had no concept of you make an album and it goes nowhere, which it did. It was a harpoon to the heart for a long time.”

Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music is available for pre-order on CD, 2LP and digital formats direct from the label’s website.

Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music tracklist

  1. Jimmy Carter and Dallas County Green – Travelin’
  2. Mistress Mary – And I Didn’t Want You
  3. Plain Jane – You Can’t Make It Alone
  4. Dan Pavlides – Lily of the Valley
  5. Angel Oak – I Saw Her Cry
  6. Kathy Heideman – Sleep a Million Years
  7. Deerfield – Me Lovin’ You
  8. Arrogance – To See Her Smile
  9. Jeff Cowell – Not Down This Low
  10. Kenny Knight – Baby’s Back
  11. The Black Canyon Gang – Lonesome City
  12. Allan Wachs – Mountain Roads
  13. Mike And Pam Martin – Lonely Entertainer
  14. Bill Madison – Buffalo Skinners
  15. White Cloud – All Cried Out
  16. Ethel-Ann Powell – Gentle One
  17. Sandy Harless – I Knew Her Well
  18. FJ McMahon – The Spirit of the Golden Juice
  19. Doug Firebaugh – Alabama Railroad Town