LA Guns man in sacking claim


Scott Griffin has lashed out at LA Guns frontman Phil Lewis, insisting he was sacked.

The band issued a statement this week indicating both parties had agreed to part ways. But Griffin has reacted angrily, saying he had no say in the decision and frontman Phil Lewis threw him out of the group.

Griffin says on Facebook: “Contrary to what has been written, me not being in LA Guns any more was not a mutual decision. I was kicked out, plain and simple. Or, as it was exactly worded, ‘Phil Lewis has decided the band is going to move forward without you.’

“II never knew this decision was being made, and I never wanted, nor ever said I wanted to leave LA Guns. Although I can’t say for sure why I was let go, I have a few theories. But since they are only theories, there’s no point in me expressing them. I was basically unceremoniously sacked.”

Griffin is also angry with being called the band’s “off-and-on” bassist in the statement, but insists he will always be grateful for the time in the band

He adds: “I played over 400 shows with LA Guns. I recorded and co-wrote our last album. I’ve given my heart and soul, my blood, my sweat, to every single performance with the Guns.

“Don’t get me wrong, I know my place – I know I’m not an original member, I respect that. But I was way fucking more than just an ‘on-and-off’ bass player.

“But through all of that, and in spite of the way you fired me, I still love you, Phil. I will always look back with gratitude at my time in the band.”

Griffin will now focus on working with cover band Sin City Sinners, who have former LA Guns man Brent Muscat in their lineup.

Kenny Kweens, who has previously worked with LA Guns, has taken over bass duties.