Kittie prove they are finally cool again with a heavy AF collab with We Are Pigs

Morgan Lander of Kittie
(Image credit: WE ARE PIGS BAND )

Although 2018 saw Canadian nu-metal band Kittie momentarily revived from relative obscurity via their career-spanning music documentary Kittie: Origins/Evolutions, they’ve otherwise been pretty dormant, and haven’t been spotted since their I’ve Failed You album back in 2011. 

The Kittie: Origins/Evolutions documentary is the catalyst behind the return of Morgan Lander to the limelight.  New single, Moot, is a collaborative effort with We Are Pigs,  a nu-metal/trap project led by Esjay Jones. Jones got in touch with Kittie’s frontwoman to suggest the joint single after being inspired by the film, which as she describes, explores the band’s “brazen tenacity, willingness to take risks, continuous forward momentum in the face of adversarial forces and their ability to level the playing field in a super male-dominated genre within a male-dominated industry”. 

Staying in key with the doc, Moot sees Jones and Lander explore their rage and frustration from over the past year, and take aim at the environment that comes with being women in the music industry through a barrage of violent riffs and blood-curdling screams.

In conversation with Revolver, Lander explains her intention behind the song: “I feel like women supporting women in the music industry is something that we always need more of, and the fact that Esjay is a musician/writer/engineer and producer puts her in a class all by herself.”

Moot is unapologetic and angry, the voice of unbridled rage questioning everything in a very uncertain time. Lending my voice to be heard on this song is something I’m very proud of and hope that listeners enjoy it and fear it a bit, as much as I do.”

Listen to Moot below:

Liz Scarlett

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