Kirk Hammett is afraid to listen to Lulu again, but not for the usual reason

Metallica and Lou Reed in 2011
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It’s probably fair to say most Metallica fans don’t get Lulu, the 2011 album they made with Lou Reed, and that many who bought it won’t listen to it again.

But Kirk Hammett has a different reason for not wanting to play it back – it’s too important to him.

The guitarist told NME that one of the greatest compliments he’s ever received was when David Bowie wrote to Reed, saying Lulu was his best-ever record.

“It was an incredible honour working with Lou Reed and I loved the Lulu album,” he asserted. “I remember Lou sharing with me that letter David Bowie sent. It was written on paper and it was such a glowing, gruelling appraisal of the Lulu album.

“When Lou showed it to me, it brought me to tears, bro! ‘Cause I might be some heavy metal guy but Lou Reed and David Bowie made tons of great music that has been a huge inspiration to me over the course of my life.

“It’s hard for me to listen back to Lulu because it brings me back to that time – thinking about working with Lou and soaking up his vibe. It became a very emotional album for myself, and I’m afraid to listen to it!”

Hammett also recalled his failed attempt to have Nirvana join Metallica’s 1992 tour with Guns N’ Roses, and being the person nominated to call Kurt Cobain.

“He just went on and on about how he just didn’t like what Guns N’ Roses stood for, and I said to him: ‘Just go out there and represent Nirvana – just play the show and then that’s it’. 

“I pleaded with him, but he just wasn’t having it. So there you have it. It would have been great if Nirvana was part of that tour – but you know, Faith No More were great as well.”

Metallica are currently touring the European festival circuit.

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