Joy Division fans get behind Curtis museum plan


A Joy Division fan who plans to turn Ian Curtis’ former home into a museum has been “bombarded” with messages from people offering to help.

The late singer’s Macclesfield home in Greater Manchester was bought by Hadar Goldman for £190,000 this year. He paid £75,000 more than the asking price to secure the deal from another buyer who was close to becoming its owner.

Since it was reported he’d bought the property – used in Anton Corbijn’s 2007 Curtis biopic Control – supporters from around the world have offered to help, according to Prolific North.

Last month, Goldman told the Guardian: “I felt as if I had to get involved, especially after hearing the plight of fans who had failed to raise the necessary funds to buy the house owned and lived in by one of the musical heroes of my youth.

“Joy Division left a musical legacy which has influenced many of today’s bands. The legacy deserves to be taken into the 21st century.”

Work has started on turning the house into a museum that Goldman has vowed will prove valuable to music lovers from around the world.