Johnny Depp won’t use fame to sell records


Actor Johnny Depp says he’s sickened by actors who launch music careers on the back of movie success.

He recently played with Aerosmith’s Joe Perry on his festive four-track EP Joe Perry’s Merry Christmas, appeared in a behind-the-scenes jam session with Paul MacCartney and has previously hooked up on stage with best friend Marilyn Manson.

But he insists while he’s happy to contribute to friends’ records, he would never form a band to release his own music.

He said at a press conference for his latest film Mortdecai: “That whole idea for me is a sickening thing – it’s always just made me sick.

“I’ve been very lucky to play on friends’ records and it’s still going. Music is still part of my life but you won’t be hearing The Johnny Depp Band. That won’t ever exist.”

He continues: “The kind of luxury now is, anybody with a certain amount of of success, if you have a kind of musical being, you can go out and start a band and capitalise on your work in other areas.

“But I hate the idea of, ‘Come see me play the guitar because you’ve seen me in 12 movies.’ It shouldn’t be that way. You want the people who are listening to the music to only be interested in the music.”

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