Moyer 'confused' over Mob fight

Disturbed bassist John Moyer says he's "confused" over Adrenalin Mob's fury at his absence from their upcoming tour dates – and insists they knew weeks ago that he wouldn't be taking part.

And he admits the backlash from his supergroup colleagues mean it’ll be difficult for him to return to the fold in the future.

He told fans via Twitter on Monday that he wouldn’t be with Russell Allen, Mike Orland and AJ Pero when they hit the road in September. That provoked an angry response from the band, who said they were “totally shocked” to discover the news online, and added a new bassist would be announced “as soon as we have one.”

Moyer says in an update: “Adrenaline Mob has known for weeks that I would not be going with them on this run. I asked them to issue a press release saying so, but management said, ‘No need,’ and if I wanted to post it on my page that was fine. That conversation happened over a week ago. I’m very confused by the ‘shock’ of my post.

“I don’t think management and band were on the same page; perhaps that was the ‘shock’ they referred to. Unfortunately it also reads as if they didn’t know for sure if I was going out. This is definitely not the case. Once again, everyone has known for weeks that I was not going out. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that they’ve already found my fill-in and have had some rehearsals with him.”

Moyer suggests he’s disappointed that the band decided not to make their own announcement because it left his own fans in the dark, and that’s the reason he spread the word himself. But he rails against the accusation that he’d be so unprofessional as to leave a band via Twitter. “People who know me know that I pride myself on my professionalism, even in less-than-perfect situations,” he says.

“I love the band and the guys. It’s unfortunate this turned into such a shit show. I was hoping to leave the door open for future tours – but that may not be possible now.”

Adrenaline Mob kick off their US tour on September 5 after a one-off show in Connecticut on August 22.

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