John Mitchell responds to It Bites announcement

It Bites singer and guitarist John Mitchell has responded to the weekend's announcement that it Bites were over as an active unit, making it clear the band split statement came from drummer Bob Dalton, and that neither Mitchell, nor keyboard player John Beck had been consulted.

"John Beck and I are currently sat discussing our thoughts on the recent announcement by Bob on the It Bites Facebook page that the band has split up," Mitchell tells Prog. "To clarify, neither of us were consulted with or informed of the announcement - we have been looking into the possibility of releasing The Tall Ships on vinyl, and had made arrangements to write together in the coming weeks (we already have the bones of 4 songs written and recorded).

"If Bob doesn't wish to be part of this endeavour, that is entirely down to him but we would have appreciated a combined discussion and agreement before making such an announcement. Obviously this doesn't prevent John and I from making music together, whatever the outlet for this now may be!"

Although Mitchell's statement would seem to concur that It Bites in their current form are no more, fans will be intrigued at the thought of further new music from Mitchell and Beck. The pair first worked in Mitchell's Kino project who released their debut album Picture in 2005. Beck also featured on the most recent Kino album Radio Voltaire, (2018) although didn't feature as a permanent band member alongside original members Mitchell and Pete Trewavas and new drummer Craig Blundell.

Yesterday Mitchell tweeted a photo of himself and Beck stating 'This guy'''. Watch this space...

John Mitchell

Jerry Ewing

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