Bonamassa reveals retirement plans

Joe Bonamassa is determined not to live like B.B. King by playing into his old age.

The bluesman loves the career he’s spent 26 years building – but he’s already decided that it should come to an end before another 26 years go by.

And when he stops writing and performing music, he won’t remain in the industry.

Bonamassa tells The Classic Rock Magazine Show on TeamRock Radio: “B.B. King toured up until he was 89. I don’t see myself on the road at 69. I see another 20, 25 years, maybe.

“If I do this for another 20, that’ll be 46 years. I’m not going to overstay my welcome – I’ll bow out way before it becomes apparent that I should.”

He’s certain he’ll find a new creative output, although he doesn’t yet know what it will be. “I’ll tell you what I won’t do,” he continues. “I won’t produce records, I won’t sign people to my label. I won’t do any of that.

“I’ll be happy bowing out. It’s hard to say that at almost 40 years old – but there’s a time, 25 years from now, when it’ll be enough.

Bonamassa also discusses his disillusionment with the music business and his feelings about its future. The interview is broadcast on TeamRock Radio’s The Classic Rock Magazine Show on November 28 (Thursday) from 9pm, and it’ll be available to listen on demand soon afterwards.

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