Page aims for Glastonbury


Jimmy Page has set his sights on playing what he calls a “karaoke” Led Zeppelin set at the Glastonbury festival.

And he’s renewed his vow to make another solo album, saying it’ll be recorded in 2016.

The guitar icon has been discussing the possibility since completing work on his Led Zep remasters series last year.

Page tells The Pulse Of Radio (via Blabbermouth): “It’s time for me to go out there and do a solo album. My last solo album was in 1988 – I haven’t really milked the situation.

“Next year I’m just going to be working on the guitar. I’m known for playing many styles of guitar and I need to revisit all the different styles I can play.”

He says the work will focus on his strengths rather than weaknesses and adds: “I’m not thinking about singers – I’m thinking of an instrumental thing. I want to work with myself. Once I’m ready I’ll think about whether I need someone to sing on the music.”

Page also commits to playing live, saying: “I’ve planned all this a while ago. I want to start in the UK. I’ve got ideas, but I want to see what happens.

“I’d like to do Glastonbury – I could do a sort of karaoke night with Led Zeppelin songs.”

Festival boss Michael Eavis last year insisted Led Zep would reunite at some point in the future, and they’d headline his event when they did.

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