Led Zeppelin return to charts


Led Zeppelin's remaster series took the band back into the top 10 album chart last night.

Jimmy Page curated the new editions of the band’s first three records, which come complete with companion discs containing previously unreleased material.

Their self-titled debut album, originally launched in 1969, reached number 7 in the UK chart, while 1970’s Led Zeppelin III made number 10. Led Zeppelin II, also from 1969, entered at number 12. The releases took the top three places in the UK rock and metal chart, and also the record store album chart.

Page – who’s locked in a temporary fall-out with bandmate Robert Plant over reunion plans – recently told TeamRock the remaster programme was an “epic task.” But he added: “There’s so many treats. People who love Led Zeppelin, who listen intently, are going to get so much out of this.”

The band’s return to the higher reaches came in a week where 9 of the 20 best-selling LPs came from veteran artists. New albums from Paul Weller, Hank Marvin, James and Vera Lynn reached numbers 6, 8, 11 and 13 respectively.

Meanwhile, Billboard reports the Led Zep remasters have all sold in sufficient quantities to secure top 20 entries in the US charts, with top 10 placings a possibility.