Jefferson Airplane aim high for 50th anniversary


The legalising of marijuana across the US has inspired a marketing exec to plan a media blitz for Jefferson Airplane's 50th anniversary.

Epic Rights boss Dell Furano says Grace Slick’s psychedelic icons are the perfect match for a new era of legal highs – and he’s arranged a stack of merchandising deals to prove it.

Furano tells the Hollywood Reporter: “Baby-boomers and a lot of younger people are part of the revival of interest in this culture. Everything vintage is hot at retail.”

He says he came up with the plan after hearing classic track White Rabbit on the radio and recalling how it symbolised an era. “Every once in a while you see a real nugget in terms of influence that hasn’t been exploited,” he notes.

Furano is in discussions with Slick and Jefferson Airplane manager Bill Thompson, who insists it’s more than just a cash-in. “The music has lasted because it’s good,” he says. “Better than most of the stuff being put out now.”

The band could be seen adorning badges, incense, jewellery, clothing, home decor, collectables and gifts within the next six month.