Soto explains ‘pissed-off’ album

Former Journey singer Jeff Scott Soto has revealed details of his upcoming album Inside The Vertigo, to be launched under the band name Soto.

It’s set to appear on January 29 via earMusic, and features guests including Gus G, Joel Hoekstra, Mike Orlando and others. The label say the music includes “a neurotic blend of power metal, prog, groove-laden guitars, hooks and production.”

Soto says: “The past five or more years have propelled me to a plethora of anger and frustration. I’m actually pissed off about a lot of things – this is my outlet to release the pent-up emotion.

“We realise there are a lot of folks, young and old, who may be sharing these thoughts. So this is especially for them. We’re not reinventing the wheel here – we’re just creating an outlet for where our hearts are. I’m just not in a ‘touch your golden hair’ mood right now.”

He adds: “I’ve been in the game for a long time, but my roots started on the heavier side of the tracks. I thought it was about time I came home to visit the family and stick around for a while.”

His band consists of guitarist Jorge Salan, guitarist-keyboardist BJ, bassist David Z and drummer Edu Cominato. They’ve launched a lyric video for their track The Fall.

Inside The Vertigo tracklist

  1. Final Say

  2. The Fall

  3. Wrath

  4. Break

  5. Narcissistically Yours

  6. End Of Days

  7. Inside The Vertigo

  8. When I’m Older

  9. Trance

  10. Jealousy

  11. Karma’s Kiss

  12. Fall To Pieces

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