In This Moment's Brink: Image isn’t everything


In This Moment frontwoman Maria Brink insists while image is important to the band, the music will always come first.

The group are known for their theatrical live performances but the singer says she wants people to enjoy the music at home just as much as their stage shows.

She tells Linea Rock: “The core of everything always has to be the music. If someone’s in the dark and can’t see what we look like, you still want that music to make them feel something and make them have that connection.

“On top of that, we like to give people something visually just as stimulating as if you’re just listening to the music. We really like to express ourselves artistically with all of the visuals and the theatrical side. It all plays a really important part to us.”

Guitarist Chris Howarth recently revealed the band were happy to let Brink take the limelight on stage – and the singer says if she didn’t have talent, they wouldn’t be a success.

She adds: “Just being sexy will get you nowhere. You could be the sexiest woman in the world, and if you can’t sing, if you’re not an artist, you can’t create a show, you can’t have power in front of a crowd and then you’re going to crash and burn.”

In This Moment launched their fifth album Black Widow last year and head out on the road across the UK later this month for five dates:

Feb 28: Glasgow Garage

Mar 01: Leeds Metropolitan University

Mar 02: Manchester Academy 2

Mar 04: Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall

Mar 05: London Koko