Hurtsmile call out Rock 'n' Roll Cliche


Hurtsmile, fronted by Extreme and ex-Van Halen vocalist Gary Cherone, have streamed their track Rock ’N’ Roll Cliche from upcoming second album Retrogrenade.

The follow-up to their 2011 self-titled work is set for launch on October 7 via their Slipkid label, following a successful crowfdunding campaign.

Cherone says: “The strength of this record is that all the members contributed to the songwriting, which resulted in a wonderfully creative diversity. This second effort has been a natural progression – we’ve yet to repeat ourselves musically.”


  1. Rock ‘N’ Roll Cliche

  2. Hello, I Must Be Going

  3. Big Government

  4. I Still Do

  5. Sing A Song (My Mia)

  6. Anymore (Don’t Want My Love)

  7. Where Do We Go From Here

  8. A Melody For You

  9. Wonder What

  10. Walk Away

  11. Goodbye

  12. Pump It Up