This is how to write a Sleep Token song, apparently

Sleep Token
(Image credit: Nik Nocturnal)

Over the last few months, Sleep Token have risen up through the metal stratosphere, cementing themselves as one of the UK's most popular new bands with a fistful of huge singles, TikTok virality, a lauded new album and as of this week, the announcement of their biggest headline show to date, scheduled for London's Wembley Arena in December.

As their new album Take Me Back To Eden proves, the recent hype is well and truly deserved; with the band showcasing a uniquely and widely-adored genre-bending sound, image and lore that's definitively their own and incomparable to others on the scene. 

In a recent video, metal creator Nik Nocturnal, who specialises in reviews, covers and comedy/meme content, has untangled the anonymous British collective's sound via an amusing skit titled How To Write A Sleep Token Song.

After releasing an initial video on how to write a Sleep Token song in under 30 seconds - complete with a make-shift Vessel mask made from a paper plate - viewers demanded an even longer play-through, and in response, Nocturnal created a full 9 and a half minute tutorial over on Twitch, uploaded to his YouTube account.

Using the same "enjoyable" riff incorporated in his original mini tutorial, the musician/metal creator goes on to replicate more components of Sleep Token's sound. As he explains, the band "balance heavy chunkage with huge pads and synths and Deftones-y vibes and sexy time"'. 

For the drum part, he muses: "The thing with Sleep Token... I don't know what kind of cocaine their drummer's on but he's fast boy". 

Throughout the session, Nocturnal's Twitch fans chip in with suggestions in the comments, with one user even proposing that he incorporate the 'Sleep Token fart', aka, the viral recording of the recent moment a gig-goer was heard letting one rip at one of their shows in Australia last month. 

All in all, a spectacularly impressive effort by Nocturnal, and his end result, Worship - named after the band's trademark mantra - is certainly worth a listen over on Spotify.

Nocturnal's creations have even landed under the radar of Sleep Token themselves, with their guitarist IV commenting the fire emoji on the 30 second skit on Instagram.

Check out the process and song below:

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