Hot New Band: Oceans Ate Alaska

The internet’s a brilliant thing, but for a young UK band whose fanbase is predominantly American, it could make conquering home turf a bit tricky. Tech-metalcore Brummies Oceans Ate Alaska have a huge online presence – and more Facebook likes than most metalcore upstarts by a city’s worth – and yet they’ve only played one UK festival (Ghostfest) in their three years of existence.

“When we first started out I think people just took us for an internet band and that’s totally not what we wanted,” singer James Harrison explains. “So at the moment we’re in the process of just playing shows all the time and touring, and just showing people what we can actually do. We’d definitely love to conquer the UK and have a massive fanbase, as bands like Bury Tomorrow do at the moment… we’d like to follow in their footsteps.”/o:p

While other bands are enjoying hard-won success, OAA are making waves before they’ve even released an album. After only one previous EP, debut full-length Lost Isles represents their chance to take their tech-metal skills overseas, having signed to the California-based Fearless Records last year.

But although Lost Isles was recorded in Michigan, these Brits haven’t forgotten their roots. Having found it hard to establish their place in the UK scene, success at home is now top of their agenda, although tours with the likes of Blessthefall and, this month, Chelsea Grin make it easy to see how they fit right in with the US metal fraternity. Don’t worry, though, OAA are self-confessed chameleons.

“We try to basically show off as much talent as we can within the band,” says James. “I think the main word that we always throw around is ‘progressive’, but we can go really, really heavy to fit in with a very heavy crowd, or we can put on a lighter show to fit in with a post-hardcore, pop-punk type of show. I think that helps when we’re touring with different bands. It gives a better live show and it rubs off on the crowd more if you understand what they want.”

So while they’re jetting out to their overseas audiences for the first time in 2015, what can the UK expect for the future?

“If we get to do anything near what bands like Bring Me The Horizon or Parkway Drive are doing, we’d be happy,” James declares. “If it was up to us we’d just tour non-stop!”