Here's that Black Sabbath and Wham! mash-up your subconscious has probably always craved - and it's Geezer Butler-approved

Wham! Sabbath
(Image credit: Bill McClintock YouTube)

Who among us hasn't wondered what Black Sabbath's doom classic Children of the Grave might sound like when mixed together with Wham! 's ultra-perky pop smash Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go?

We've all thought about it, right? Right?

Of-fucking-course we haven't, because life is short and brutal and meaningless and, frankly, in this economy, who has the time to entertain such ideas?

Apart from Bill McClintock, obviously.

Yes, the mash-up messiah is up to his mischief again, and his first Frankenstein creation of 2023 lashes together Sabbath and the late George Michael's effervescent pop duo and then throws in a bit of Eddie Van Halen guitar wizardry from Van Halen's So This Is Love, just for shits and giggles. 

The Internet, as ever, is LOVING IT.

"Finally a Black Sabbath song I can dance to" comments YouTuber Meatman419.

Evil Grayson comments: "And it's another masterpiece from the king of mashups. There is no way in heaven or hell that this should work, and yet it does."

Commentor CD Prince strikes a note of caution, writing, "If I had played this mashup to my high school mates in the 80s, it's safe to say I would have joined the children of the grave."

Even Black Sabbath legend Geezer Butler himself approves, Tweeting: "How do people come up with this stuff? #hilarious"

But we'll leave the last word here to one Sydposting, who writes, "This sounds like the theme song to a sitcom about a bunch of cheerful goths, I love it"

Listen to the McClintock magic unfold below:

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If this inspired McClintock mash-up floats your boat, may we suggest you set sail towards a handful of his earlier elite creations which answer never-asked questions such as how Judas Priest would sound with Rick James on vocals, how Metallica might sound if they covered Huey Lewis and The News or what madness might result from pitting Slipknot against The Spice Girls.

2023 has now officially begun.

Paul Brannigan
Contributing Editor, Louder

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