Heart exes form offshoot


Original Heart members Steve Fossen and Mike Derosier have launched a new spin-off called Heart By Heart.

Bassist Fossen and drummer Derosier insist the act isn’t a cover band, but rather the “second incarnation” of the rock group that found fame in the 1970s and enjoyed a revival in the 80s.

The classic lineup of Heart – which included Fossen and Derosier – was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2013.

Fossen says: “With Mike and me at the helm, we can, once again, help bring out those musical nuances and ignite the energy within our own band that made Heart one of the most beloved rock groups of our time.”

Fossen’s longtime collaborator Somar Macek take lead vocal duties in Heart By Heart while Randy Hansen is on guitar. Keyboards are handled by Bob Rivers while Lizzy Daymont is on guitar and vocals.

The band spotted her performing at a small gig and were blown away. Fossen adds: “We were amazed at how well Lizzy knew the songs and one week later she joined us on stage. In fact, when I heard Somar and Lizzy harmonise for the first time I had to hide my face because I started to cry.”

The group plan to hit the road in the near future.