Hawkwind fan pays their parking fine


A Hawkind fan has volunteered to pay a band parking fine – after he drunkenly swiped the ticket from their tour bus.

Dougie Kell from Livingston, Scotland, woke up the morning after the space-rockers’ appearance in Glasgow this week, to discover the official document in his pocket.

And now he’s going to add it to his collection of rock’n’roll memorabilia.

Dougie, 50, tells TeamRock: “The gig was mind-blowing, and a few of us that interact online met Mr Dibs, Richard Chadwick and some of the guys afterwards. We spoke for over half an hour and it was brilliant.

“Basically I was pissed. I took the ticket, then I woke up the next morning and there it was. So I’m going to pay it!”

The lifelong fan adds: “I first saw them in 1979. I’ve seen them about 15 times, and they’re a very friendly band.”

Frontman Dave Brock tells TeamRock: “They’re a great lot, our fans, and they’ve amassed some unique memorabilia over the years. It’s only a shame they didn’t take the parking warden too!”

Hawkwind continue their latest UK tour until next week, followed by their HawkEaster event in April and further British shows in October. They just confirmed the launch of an 11-disc box set covering their early era.