Gus G working on second solo album

Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G is in the process of recording the follow-up to last year’s debut solo album I Am The Fire and has promised “catchy tunes that are rock hard.”

He tells Metal Shock Finland: “I’ve already written all the songs and we just finished tracking the drums. So once I go back home from this tour, I’m going to go straight back in the studio and start working hard on the guitars. We’re aiming to finish it by summer. “This time, there are going to be fewer guests. It’s going to be more like a close group of people that I collaborate and co-write with. I’m excited about that. There’s a lot more up-tempo and heavier stuff on it, and a lot of guitar in it.” He is also unsure of when he’ll record fresh material with Firewind, as he’s not yet found a suitable replacement for vocalist Apollo Papathanasio, who left in 2013. He continues: “The reason why I haven’t made any official statements is because I still haven’t found a singer that I’m comfortable working with on a long-term basis yet. I’m pretty close to one right now. “And also, another factor is because I need to feel really 100% confident that the material is going to be killer and it’s going to be a great album. So we decided there’s no rush to really go back in the studio and do another album and tour cycle. We’ve been doing that for 10 years non-stop. We’re going to start working with this new singer and if he is the right one, we’ll go from there.” Gus G toured the UK last week to promote the CD and DVD Digipak of I Am The Fire. Last month, Ozzy unveiled details of his Hell Gate event in Las Vegas.