Greta Van Fleet hit back at Gene Simmons in ‘Rock is dead’ debate

Greta Van Fleet
(Image credit: Alysse Gafkjen)

Greta Van Fleet are convinced that rock music is not dead, at least, not in the way that Kiss icon Gene Simmons thinks it is.

In 2014, Simmons sparked outrage in the world of rock music after declaring to Esquire magazine that “Rock did not die of old age. It was murdered.” 

However, Greta Van Fleet vocalist Josh Kiszka believes the genre isn’t so easily defeated, and states that rock music is in fact a very “elastic” and “eclectic” genre. He then goes on to suggest that instead, “Maybe the world of rock [Gene] remembers is dead”.

He continues: “It seems like every once in a while, a generation reinterprets what that is… and I’ve heard a lot, throughout the years, I guess people blowing hot air about…I think rock and roll can become dormant, but you can’t kill something that supersedes time.” 

Since Simmons made the initial comment, musicians have spoken out against his bold claim regarding the mortality of the genre. Last month Black Sabbath guitarist Tonni Iommi told Consequence of Sound: “I don’t think rock is going to die… that’s been said for years.”

Shock rock legend Alice Cooper also disputed the claims when telling NME that rock music is “where it should be right now.” Cooper carried on by saying “We’re not at the Grammy’s; were not in the mainstream. Rock n’ roll is outside looking in right now, and that gives us that outlaw attitude.”

Greta Van Fleet's new album The Battle at Garden's Gate is out now.