Ginger Wildheart takes aim at the music press

Ginger Wildheart
Ginger Wildheart
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Ginger Wildheart has opened up on his tense relationship with the music press.

The Wildhearts frontman chatted with fans at the TeamRock Zone at Download festival today ahead of the band’s appearance on the Maverick Stage at 6.25pm.

And he recalled smashing up the offices of one British music magazine in protest at a story he didn’t agree with.

Ginger says: “It was a slow day. We ran out of drugs. No, someone said something…this was before the internet when rumours happened all the time.

“It was a week until they published an apology, they couldn’t retract it immediately like it is with Gene Simmons now. We weren’t gonna wait two weeks for the cunt to apologise.

“We got more press out of smashing his gear up than any fucking record we ever released.”

On the current state of the music press, Ginger adds: “It all went online and killed the written word as far as shit magazines and papers are concerned, like the NME.

“And if you’re from my neck of the woods, you couldn’t wait for the NME to finally get fucked up the arse by the world – and they did. Now they’re squirming in their own shit trying to give away this fucking rag for nothing – and people still won’t take it. But the great writers, the writers who used to be in Kerrang, are all now writers for Classic Rock.

“It’s no surprise why Classic Rock are doing so fucking well and Kerrang are struggling. Because you guys have got better writers, obviously, because they’ve been doing it longer.”

The Wildhearts released live album Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung - Phuq Live this month.

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Q&A: Ginger Wildheart