Ghost's Prequelle named best metal album of 2018

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Prequelle by Ghost has been selected as the best metal album of 2018 by Metal Hammer writers. 

The album, which was released in June, came top of the poll compiled by 36 of Hammer's top critics. 

"Was there any doubt?" Said Metal Hammer editor Merlin Alderslade of the result. "The second those opening moments of Rats thundered across the Hammer speakers early this year, we knew Tobias Forge had crafted something special. That he did so while proudly pissing over all the tropes and cliches about what a metal album 'should' be only made Prequelle all the more enthralling. 

"It's a ludicrous, overblown, ceaselessly brilliant modern classic. Most importantly, of course, it confirmed once and for all that saxophone solos are metal as fuck. Congratulations to a band who only seem to be getting better and better."

Frontman Tobias Forge spoke to Metal Hammer about the success of the album: "It was introducing a new dish to the restaurant. If you're doing something radical, it's hard sometimes to objectively see how radical things are. 

"But the story must be pushed forward and you can't be predictable. So, I felt uncomfortable, but it was a calling."

The album scored 9/10 in Hammer's review upon release, with Metal Hammer's Deputy Editor Eleanor Goodman calling it "Disarming on first listen," though adding that "they cleverly connect Ghost songs past and present, and make the record feel like a grand musical. It’s easy to imagine how these interludes might work onstage – maybe even during set changes – for this most theatrical of bands."

The full list of the 50 best metal albums of 2018, along with the full Ghost interview, can be found in the latest issue of Metal Hammer, which is on sale now. 

The latest issue of Metal Hammer is on sale now!

The latest issue of Metal Hammer is on sale now! 

In the latest issue of Metal Hammer, we bid farewell to the legendary Slayer by asking metal’s brightest stars to choose their favourite Slayer track, and revisit the making of Reign In Blood with Tom Araya, Kerry King, Dave Lombardo, Rick Sales and more. We also bring you our end-of-year poll, counting down the very best 50 albums of 2018. 

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