Garcia cut off other projects for solo record


Former Kyuss frontman John Garcia says he had to turn his back on his many other projects to make his debut solo record a reality.

Garcia releases his self-titled debut album on Friday, August 1 and admits he took the hard decision to abandon Hermano, Unida and Kyuss spin-off Vista Chino.

He tells TotalRock: “I said no to Vista Chino, I said no to Hermano and I’m saying no to Unida. I love all those bands to death but it was time to say yes to this collection of songs that I’ve had in my bedroom for so many years – finally.”

The singer admits he is nervous about revealing his solo tracks – which include contributions from Robby Krieger and Danko Jones – to the world. He adds: “I’m nervous, but excited nervous. I’ve talked about it and waited for so long and I’ve felt so sad for this cardboard box that sat in my corner that held all of these songs.

“I looked at them and I was like ‘Hold on, just wait a minute’. Finally after all these years to have Robby Krieger from The Doors play on this record, to have Danko Jones write me a song and have all these other composition that were so close to me finally come out, it’s a very personal record.”

In the rest of the interview, which you can view below, Garcia discusses the Vista Chino album and his work with Kyuss Lives!