Gallows scrap 'cut and paste' writing style


Gallows guitarist Laurent Barnard says the band’s fourth record marks a major change from their previous “cut and paste” style of songwriting.

They’ll release Desolation Sounds on April 13 via Play It Again Sam. And in the third and final part of a documentary series on the making of the album, ‘Lags’ says more thought has gone into the writing this time.

He adds: “We’re writing songs now. I feel like throughout Gallows’ career there used to be a lot of cut and paste riffs going on.

“On the first album, very little thought went into the songwriting there. I literally just showed the guys the riffs and that was it. We never really thought about which verse fits into which chorus and all that.

“Hopefully it’s going to be all worthwhile, but we’re pretty happy with what we’ve got so far.”

The album marks frontman Wade MacNeil’s second with the band, after 2012’s self-titled effort. MacNeil – who replaced Frank Carter in 2011 – says: “It’s been a really different recording process from last time. We just approached it differently. We came in and said we’ll see what happens. And what’s happened is we’ve made an entire record in a week.”

Carter last week announced he had formed a new band called Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes.