Frehley claims he and Simmons are still 'brothers'


Ace Frehley insists he is still good friends with Gene Simmons, saying they only snipe at each other publicly because it is what "the press wants to hear."

Former Kiss guitarist Frehley this week said Simmons had “alienated just about everybody on the planet” with his recent comments on depression, addiction and poverty.

And Frehley has openly traded insults with Simmons down the years, with the Kiss bassist claiming former bandmate Frehley’s drink and drug problems and lack of work ethic caused friction in the band.

But Frehley now says the public bust-ups are nothing more than an attempt to drum up press interest. He says he spoke to Simmons not along after the band was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in April.

Frehley tells the Talking Metal Digital podcast: “I spoke with Gene. I called him up and we were reminiscing about old times. The press makes it out like we all hate each other and that is utter nonsense. We all get along and we all have respect for each other.

“We all take cheap shots at each other in the press because that is what the press want to hear. But when push comes to shove, we are brothers in rock and roll and we have achieved something very few people do.”

Frehley’s new solo record, Space Invader, is out now.