Frank Black launches Catholics boxset


Frank Black And The Catholics have confirmed the upcoming release of a comprehensive boxset.

Pixies frontman Black (aka Black Francis) recorded six albums with The Catholics between 1998 and 2003, and the boxset will include all of them, remastered from the original recordings.

The tracks will be presented in alphabetical order on 7CD set The Complete Recordings, which is out on March 23 via Cooking Vinyl.

Black says: “It feels like an approximation of randomness and its a way to randomise something, especially if its titles. We get away from the preciousness of LPs we put out and its more about the body of work, the good times that we had.

“This is a boxset including all of the Frank Black And The Catholics material that was recorded, there’s bonus material and technical demos and it’s all recorded live to 2-track, as was our rule in the band.”

The Complete Recordings will also include a bonus disc, titled True Blue, which features early demos discovered by engineer Ben Mumphrey.

Fans can pre-order the set via Black’s Pledgemusic page.