Filter accused of PR stunt over death threat claim


Filter have been accused of a PR stunt by a venue boss after they pulled out hours before their Gothenburg show due to an apparent “electronic death threat” sent to them.

A representative of the band reportedly told TMZ that last week’s shooting of 22-year-old singer Christina Grimmie and the mass shooting at Orlando gay club Pulse played a factor in the group’s decision to scrap the gig.

But a boss at the Sticky Fingers venue in Gothenburg, Sweden, claims the industrial rock band didn’t notify staff of the alleged threats – and says it was “just a case of cry wolf.”

They say (via Facebook): “Just to clarify things, there were no death threats made last night at the Filter show. Simply a misunderstanding which involved a staff member telling the singer that ‘you can’t smoke in here because the boss is gonna kill us.’

“This made the singer freak out, run back to the bus and call the police claiming that a death threat was made. Combichrist still performed – so kudos to them, Lord Of The Lost, the rest of the members in Filter and the tour crew for being super nice all evening.”

They continue: “Regarding the supposed ‘electronic threats’ that were made – this raises a lot of questions. For example, if there was such a threat, why in the holy name of Lemmy Kilmister Almighty did they not tell the venue security about this?

“We first heard about this through some foreign music sites the morning after. If there was such a threat, then we should have been the first ones to be informed, so that extra security precautions could have been taken. This, however, was nothing that was addressed during the night of the show.

“We fully understand the concerns people have due to recent events and our thoughts goes out to everybody who lost someone in both Orlando and at the Bataclan last year – but what happened at Sticky Fingers on Tuesday night was just a case of cry wolf.”

AftonBladet report that police spokesman Ulla Brehm confirms a car was sent to the venue after they received information about “illegal threats” made there.

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