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Festivals killing live music, says Chester

Chester Bennington has said festivals are killing the live music experience – just weeks after he headlined Download.

The Linkin Park frontman feels playing outdoors is not natural for enjoying or celebrating to rock n’ roll.

He tells NME: “Rock’n’roll is not meant to be played with the sun shining on your face. It can be done, but it’s done begrudgingly because we’re forced to do it.

“I think it’s interesting, but the outdoor festivals killed the live experience a little bit. The whole idea of seeing a rock band is to be in a dark place with lights and the stage and to be part of the show.”

As well as their Donington appearance, Linkin Park are regulars at festivals around the world.

Bennington says: “When you’re sitting on the grass in the sunshine, whether the lights are on, it doesn’t fucking matter – you’re just up there playing songs. Inside, dark, controlled environment, lights, loud music – it’s always better.”