Fall Out Boy still loving their reunion sex

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz describes the band's current activities as "reunion sex" after they ended a four-year hiatus with 2013 album Save Rock And Roll.

But he admits that, even after months of discussions about the form their second incarnation could take, it wasn’t just a case of counting to four and going.

Wentz tells Jagermeister UK: “The first couple of rehearsals were a little bit off – a bit like bad Fall Out Boy karaoke. But when we got back on stage it felt like it used to be.

“It’s a little like reunion sex. When you travel round the world together for 10 years you’re more like siblings. I wouldn’t want to say armed service, because those guys are doing more real work than we do. But only the other three people can relate to your experience.”

It’s still not all cheers and beers, the bassist accepts: “There are times when we’re not really friends, and we annoy each other.” But he continues: “One of the things with doing it again this time was, we wanted to make sure we have fun.”

That’s why they made a punk EP with Ryan Adams. “Just for the heck of it,” he says. “There was no real purpose other than for us to have fun.”

Wentz, who played Download yesterday with Fall Out Boy, recently confirmed they were beginning work on material for their sixth studio outing, although no schedule has been confirmed.

Pete Wentz interview

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