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Extreme 6 will be tracked this year, vows Cherone

Extreme’s long-awaited sixth album will be recorded in the autumn, frontman Gary Cherone has vowed.

The follow-up to 2008’s Saudades De Rock had been planned for 2014, but failed to materialise.

Last week guitarist Nuno Bettencourt reported the band were “slowly but surely” getting to work on the project.

Now Cherone tells SiriusXM: “We’re all feeling the pressure of putting our something new.

“We’re writing, we’re doing demos. Now it’s like, ‘Let’s get busy – let’s get some new music out.’”

Extreme’s current tour itinerary marks the 25th anniversary of second album Pornograffitti. The singer says: “That’s all been great. Obviously, this summer, you take advantage of the season with festivals.”

But he adds: “It’s about all of us getting in a room to record – and that’s in the fall. We’ll find time to do it. We’ll be ready. The songs will be there.”