Exodus reveal Blood art


Exodus have revealed the artwork for upcoming album Blood In Blood Out, which features the return of classic-era singer Steve 'Zetro' Souza and a guest solo by former member Kirk Hammett.

Guitarist Gary Holt says artist Par Olofsson, who’s worked with the band before, immediately grasped the concept when told of the title. “It’s perfect,” the guitarist reports. “It’s one of my favourite cover we’ve ever done, and it fits the theme to a T.”

Souza replaced a “bummed” Rob Dukes in time to lay down vocal tracks last month. Holt said at the time: “We had to make a very difficult choice to part with Rob. We have nothing but love and admiration for him. But we thought a change was necessary, and the unanimous choice was to welcome back Steve.”

Hammett last week revealed his joy at being asked to guest on the record, having given Exodus their name before replacing Dave Mustaine in Metallica in 1983. “I love those guys,” Hammett said. “I’ve only known them for most of my life, so I’m really happy that I finally got to record with them.”

Blood In Blood Out will be released via Nuclear Blast on October 13.