Ever wanted to know what lyrics your favourite band uses most? We've got good news

James Hetfield of Metallica
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Ever wanted to know what lyrics your favourite band uses most? Well, we've got some good news. 

A website called Repeeted now allows fans to search up any artist to find out what words are repeated the most amount of times within their lyrics. The results are presented in the form of a word cloud, where the more popular a word is within their lyrical vocabulary, the larger it appears on screen.

So far, the site has analysed nearly 300 million words from 985,119 songs by 22,119 artists, so we're confident that you'll find whatever artist it is you're looking for. Having a play with the website ourselves, we had a look at the results for Gojira, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against The Machine as examples.

From analysing 82 songs and 12,566 words, the French metal titan's Gojira's most used phrases were "world" (used a total of 68 times) "life" (69), "now" (99) and "light" (73) – pretty apt for a band who centralise a lot of their writing around environmental issues and the protection of the world and life itself.

As for Red Hot Chili Peppers, we were a little disappointed by the results, as "California" – both their place of origin and a place they all enjoy referring to –  didn't actually make the cut. Instead, the results showed that their most popular lyrics were "love" (403), "yeah" (312), "now" (331) and "away" (246) (although, we're pretty sure that the two latter results were the doing of the repetitive RHCP classic Give It Away).

The results for Rage Against The Machine were unsurprising, but amusing all the same, with their top lyrics being words such as "yeah" (99), "man" (89), "burn" (88) and "now" (141). 

A statement on the website reads, "Repeeted is a project motivated by learning new technologies and having fun programming solutions. Its purpose is to make it possible to discover which words are most repeated by an artist or band."

For the computer savvy readers out there, the programme works by using  "technologies such as web [scraping], REST, React, Node.js and others" alongside a lyric database to "obtain and process the most repeated words in the artists' lyrics, respecting request limits and other barriers." Sounds interesting.

So go on, try it out yourselves, just visit Repeeted and type in whatever band you fancy.

Liz Scarlett

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